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I will enjoy sharing my thoughts on a regular basis. This may be an inspiration from something I read, something I hear from others or even dreams I had when I sleep.

May you find it to be enjoyable, fun and enriching!

The Law of Attraction works! – 7 Sept 2013

Whatever we believe, we attract the outcome we created in our mind. However, it doesn’t work 100% of the time. Why? It seems easy for one to think of an empty available parking lot and you get that when you arrive there! What about the dream partner, dream job, dream holiday, dream house, dream car and more???

Actually, it is our “self-belief” that is stopping us from having it. It could be our thoughts that we are not as deserving, societal thoughts that only so-and-so can have it, parental thoughts etc. As long as we watch these “resistance” coming up with a detached view, keeping an open mind to possible outcomes and repeat the visualising exercise with emotions as if we have it. We will get it. Bingo!~ Have fun manifesting and living your DREAMS!!!





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