From Financial-Freedom Coach to Financial-Spiritual Abundance Coach

Hello everyone!

Well, to keep up with the time, we unlearn and learn again…. I am going to be rebranded as Fianncial-Spiritual Abundance Coach as this can capture more precisely what I am trying to share with the world. Being a Financial-Freedom person allows you to explore what you truly desire in your heart, however there are people who are simply focused on having more and more of $$$.

In essence, my view is we can live a wonderful life by being Financial-Spiritually Abundant! Imagine you can have all the money in the world and yet not be happy. Of course, we need all the material things to have a desirable comfortable life, just as a nice house, car etc. Beyond that, we can do wonderful things by developing ourselves to develop LOVE and COMPASSION for ALL. This helps us to transcend the ego and with that, we can attract far more into our lives!

I will be in US – San Francisco for Wonder Method Retreat. This is amazing stuffs, I will share more after my trip back to Singapore. Imagine a world where you can do energy healing to cure anything, remote viewing, teleportation, astral travel, telepathy and manifesting of all your dreams effortlessly! WOW I CAN’T WAIT TO SHARE MORE! Namaste! <3

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