Happy Go Lucky and Happy Go Lucky 2 in PublicationSG Collection!

Happy Go Lucky_PublicationSGThank you for making my Happy Dreams as an Author come true!

I love you all!

Love and Light,

Jimmy Chua

Happy Go Lucky



My Latest Happy Book: Shine Bright, Shine Happy!

It takes courage to realise our Happy Dreams. That is why I continue to write even though there are other things that occupy my time. As we build momentum towards what we do, all the other things will fall into place. Sometimes, it is about Prioritizing what is important to us. Time with Loved ones,…

A Motivational Poster for myself!

Feel free to use it!

HAPPY FOR NO REASON is in National Library

Together with HAPPY GO LUCKY, HAPPY GO LUCKY 2, Jimmy Chua is happy to see his 3rd book HAPPY FOR NO REASON at the National Library in Singapore.

Jimmy Chua is sharing his JOY

Just feel like penning this one for myself. I was asked to give a 30 minutes speech. Maybe I should talk about my journey and what it takes to discover myself. HAPPY GO LUCKY Cheers! :D

Back to my Blog Post on the 2nd last day of 2015

It’s wonderful to be back. Glad to see my books HAPPY GO LUCKY n HAPPY GO LUCKY 2 in the Libraries and Bookshops selling well in Singapore. Thank you for all the support. Here is a fun thing to do. If you are lazy to create a blog, just try this: http://happygolucky.pen.io/ Create and see…

Happy Go Lucky is Number 1 Bestseller in Singapore on 15 Aug 2015

As we celebrate SG50, the independence of my country Singapore, my books are making history. Thank you everyone! May all your HAPPY DREAMS come true! Love it! I am so HAPPY! It’s ok to celebrate when you achieve SUCCESS, don’t let others dim your light! Cheers, Jimmy Chua, Bestselling Author, Singapore!

Joyful Meditations is my next HAPPY PROJECT!

Please support! Thank you!

Happy Go Lucky is YOU!

Check out my page at www.happygoluckyisyou.com

My Happy Shop

Welcome to Sterling Heart Birdnest! It has been almost 3 months, and truly enjoying selling quality drinks to people to enjoy!