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Welcome to the School of Unlearning

jimmy-circle-jump2Blessings to all! May you realise your Wildest Dreams!

The Jimmy Chua School of Unlearning website features free learning, paid online learning and live courses designed to empower you.

The glass has to be emptied, before we can fill it with new things that can truly enrich and empower our lives.

There are many things from society that is embedded as part of our culture, and it is indeed tough to be someone who is really different from the rest. This includes following our hearts to realise our WILDEST dreams!

Societal expectations which may not be our TRUE Dreams may include getting a good job, promoted for higher positions, bigger houses, larger cars, earning more $$$ and many more…

Jimmy Chua School of Unlearning will be a community of like-minded people with the hearts to realise our dreams.

We will support each other and this will be fun-filled, joyful process!

Birds of the Feathers flock together, so be comforted that there are many others just like you, seeking to be “different” and fulfilling the Dreams of our Lives!

My Biggest Dream is to EMPOWER you and many others to find their TRUE purpose in life!

jimmy-circle-beachI am currently living my dream: a financially free life, that enables me to do all the things I enjoy without working for an income, write my books, travel around the world and spending quality time with my family and friends!

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist